Our Products
SIGOS provides a portfolio for active testing from an end-user perspective. SIGOS solution help to find the right balance between RA, Fraud, QoS and QoE. http://www.sigos.com
Roam Smart provides and delivers a comprehensive and robust Big Data platform, which centralizes all data from different sources and provides management flexibility. http://www.roam-smart.com
Endeavour Technology solution enables the capturing of end user intelligence and provides insights that aligned to their needs. Our nSpire allows clients to know and understand their customers. http://www.endeavourtechnology.com
Medinest is a brand developed by Meaconsat to make Medical and HealthCare Professional Services more accessible. Medinest will be nurtured to evolve as a Global Brand. http://medinest.org
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Our Team
One of the strengths of our company is a mixture of both certified engineers and trained technician which form our technical team. Our plan is to expand our support channels exponentially as the demand for our support solutions services increases with demand. The persistence development of our human resources will be the key driving force while training is always our primary investment.
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