Welcome to Our Company
Meaconsat Limited is a privately owned company geared towards the advancement of technical solution and consulting through the provision of high standard professional service at competitive level. We have harness our technical team that has several years of hand-on exposure to a basket full of projects across different countries.
Our primary objective is to grow steadily towards positioning ourselves as being the most preferred professional services and solution provider using our already established strategic global partnership.

Our Concept:
Our strength lies in our ability to deliver a need driven solution and consulting support services to meet the expectation of prospective client while retaining an existing network of clienteles. We have an obligation to our clients to proactively identify potential problems and proffer a need driven solution towards mitigating them.

Our Philosophy:
To compete aggressively in our area of core competence without compromising our values

Our Vision:
To create a climate of openness where our client will feel comfortable enough to discuss difficult issues that prevent them from focusing on their core business.

Quality and Standard:
We work primarily according to ITU and ISO quality of standard.

Our Metrics
We provide the cutting-edge technology expertise that enables the major players to enjoy leading roles in their chosen industry. We have a good knowledge across the technology spectrum to enables us to assist our clients to maximize their resources, reduce cost, increase revenue and drive/retain customer loyalty.


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